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Welcome to Honey Bees Day Care & Honey Bears Forest School


At the early stages of development, we concentrate on encouraging children to explore their environment as well as themselves.

Our setting allows for space and encourages your little ones to grow with their daily development.

Each day your child will be using their five senses to discover their surroundings. They will learn by experience and purposeful play.

We know that trust develops in an environment where people respond attentively to their needs and their need to be loved and accepted. 

In addition to needing love and nurturing, infants also thrive in an environment that promotes their strong, natural need and desire to learn.

Our materials are provocative yet simple, and each is carefully designed to appeal to children at a given level of early development. Your children will flourish in a carefully prepared, familiar environment that respects, supports, and responds to their basic needs for independence, exploration, and movement.

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Why Honey Bees?


We are open 5 days a week, 51 weeks of the year for your convenience.   At Honey Bees we lovingly encourage the development of trust to assist in the natural development of your little one’s personality.  

Our daily routines at Honey Bees Day Care in Bentley provide a wide variety of stimulating activities designed to promote and broaden key aspects of a child's development. 

Each day is planned and implemented to satisfy structured overall educational and development goals.   

Our setting offers children a range of learning opportunities inside and outside of the ‘normal’ setting.

Each child's days are relaxed and activities are planned to encourage each child's overall and individual development.

It is a welcoming environment where children thrive on fun and laughter, as well as providing a happy and inviting place to have fun with others - in environments that are homely, comfortable, stimulating and exciting.

We have traditional values, offering children fun opportunities, as well as delicious food, regular outings and small, friendly play, singing and reading sessions. 

Our setting (s)


Part of  the Honey Bees Group  we provide full and part-time daycare from birth to school and beyond at our fully equipped setting in Bentley, near Farnham in Hampshire.

We offer 'Home from Home (and Forest) care' , a new concept to some and are a different offering to mainstream nursery settings.  It means that essentially the children are cared for in relaxed environment similar to being at home where they learn life-skills as opposed to a nursery set up.

We follow and practice the EYFS Framework and our activities and curriculum are based around this style of teaching,

Materials are displayed on low, open shelves and on floor mats, all within easy reach of even the youngest child. A predictable sequence of activities and routines helps the infant feel very much at home.

We offer weekly ballet, gymnastics,  tennis, French sessions, baby Yoga and also music and baby singing classes along with our brand new Honey Bears Forest School.  All extra curricular activities are included in our fees to ensure that no child misses out.

We take learning inside and out.  Click here to read more about our Honey Bears Forest School Sessions.


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Honey Bees Day Care

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