Forest School - A typical day

Forest School Time!

We start the day at Honey Bees Cottage. This is where we welcome children when they are dropped off in the mornings and where we enjoy lots of free play. 

Our little ones enjoy a hearty, nutritious breakfast to prepare them for a day of fun and physical activity in the great outdoors before getting their outdoor gear on in preparation for the real fun to begin.

Each day we will set up base. Our base is made up of cosy pop-up sleeping tents, a small nappy changing tent, a toilet tent and a hand washing station.

Activities can range from treasure hunts, climbing trees, building dens and creative play to reading stories, mark making and mathematics (counting leaves, acorns, feathers, dividing, sharing, combining) in the outdoors. 

We enjoy our morning snack, lunch and afternoon snack out in the outdoors, then towards early afternoon we start to make our way back to our base at Honey Bees Cottage. Here we will take the time to reflect upon our day, enjoy an extra-curricular class and discuss with the children what they enjoyed the most, using these discussions to help us plan our activities for the next day. 

The little ones that have an afternoon nap will then have a peaceful sleep reflecting on their morning outside and then wake up to play and learning for the rest of the day at Honey Bees Cottage.


There are two options for attending Honey Bees Day Care Forest School, a Full Day or a Sessional Day. Full Days run 8.45am to 4pm, include breakfast, lunch and dinner, whereas Sessional Days are shorter days running 8.45am to 1pm, that include breakfast and lunch. Both include either a morning and afternoon snack. We ask for a minimum commitment of at least two days per week per child.

We also offer school days or morning sessions at Honey Bees Day Care and free places for two-year-olds should you meet certain criteria and government funded places.